Common Emergencies

Please contact our office as soon as possible in case of an emergency. We will be more than happy to accommodate you with an emergency appointment that day or at your earliest convenience. If the emergency occurs after office hours or on the weekend, our answering service will instruct you on how to proceed with contacting one of our team members.

There are very few true emergencies in orthodontics, but there are specific things that we would like you to call us about to let us know:

  • If a wire, bracket, or band breaks:  unwanted tooth movement can occur, which increases treatment time.
  • Poking wires and irritations:  from time to time your oral cavity may become irritated due to your appliances.
  • Lost spacers: spacers accomplish a very specific goal, if you lose one please call so that we may replace it if needed.
  • Extreme pain:  intense pain is not normal and should be addressed immediately.