Mascot Braces


WildSmiles give everyone the opportunity to express themselves as an individual, to be who they are and express it.  College fans are some of the most devoted and passionate fans in the world.  They love to show their team spirit on their shirts, on their backpacks and in their home.  Why not on their smiles?  In response to growing demand, WildSmiles expanded their line of DesignerBraces to connect passionate college fans to their favorite college brands with the introduction of Mascot Braces Mascot Braces combine the energy of competitive sports with the orthodontic experience, allowing patients to wear brackets in the shape of their favorite college and university logos.  Your favorite team’s Mascot Braces will unleash your team spirit.

For over 10 years, WildSmiles® has led the industry in the development of DesignerBraces as a response to patient interest.  Since its creation, countless patients have selected WildSmiles and Mascot Braces as part of their braces experience.

Mascot Braces are officially licensed collegiate logos held by WildSmiles Inc. WildSmiles is the global leader and exclusive USA manufacturer of designer shaped orthodontic brackets.